The Sodfather | Lawn Care Winnipeg

Posted on July 13, 2021

The Sodfather | Lawn Care Winnipeg

Sick of the brown lawn you call a yard?

The Sodfather property maintenance and Lawn care services are here to help with your grass cutting and landscaping needs.

We’re your one-stop shop for all things landscaping and maintenance. If it has to do with grass, we can do it.

Our services include lawn maintenance, fertilization, aeration, lawn mowing and trimming, spring clean/ fall clean. Plus unlimited weed control and more!

If you need a new landscaping installation or a complete redesign of your lawn, we’re there for you too.

Just give us a call; we’re here to answer all your questions.

Trust us – when it comes to Winnipeg lawn care, we’ve seen it before! We provide top-quality work the first time around for a reasonable price that won’t break the bank. the Sodfather is a top-rated local company.


Weed Control

Weed control is very important for lawn care. Weeds are the bane of lawn care services, and we’re dedicated to keeping our lawns free from the lawn weed menace.

Our property maintenance team will map out your entire lawn; this is meant to help us determine where weeds are located in order to best treat those areas.

Once that’s done, we can take care of it with whatever method works best for you – whether it’s herbicides or a good old-fashioned machete! We provide unlimited weed control.

Lawn Aeration

If your soil isn’t aerated properly, your grass won’t be able to grow as well as it should. It won’t be able to get the nutrients it needs or take in oxygen.

Core aeration helps lawns breathe again, and also prepares for fertilization. We’ve got lawn aeration covered; just give us a call.

But if you really want a lush lawn, it’s all about the proper cutting technique! It’s true – all our other services have one goal: healthy grass growth like never before!

And the secret is simple: regular daily lawn mowing paired with good lawn aeration and fertilization is all it takes to get lawns looking their best.

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Lawn Fertilization

Grass that’s not getting enough nutrients isn’t going to be healthy, no matter what you do! Lawn fertilization is the key to a healthy lawn.

We’ll map out a lawn analysis of your lawn, checking soil density and other factors to determine if lawn fertilizer would benefit your lawn.

Then we can apply our lawn fertilizer services easily and effectively! Our service agents will know exactly which lawn fertilizer works best for your type of grass, giving you a lush lawn in no time.


Call us today if you need help with any of our great services for your residential property!

Lawn fertilization is an important step of lawn care, especially if you have a new lawn installation or reseeding job on your hands.

Our lawn service team will assess your lawn before we recommend any fertilizing plan, so that we can make sure we use the right type of fertilizer- whether organic or traditional – given your lawn’s unique conditions. A well-fertilized lawn also helps with weed control.

Mowing & Trimming

Maintaining a healthy landscaping experience is our bread and butter at the Sodfather. We offer to mow and trimming services throughout the entire Winnipeg area.

In fact, we have lawn care clients all across Winnipeg! No property is too big or small for us to handle- trust us!

Our Winnipeg lawn care services techs use an assortment of equipment, including different types of lawnmowers/trimmers, gas-powered trimmers for large gardens with many trees.

We use a variety of equipment so that we can properly take care of each job – no matter how big or small it may be. Our team will do everything from removing


Winnipeg Lawn Care Services and Power Raking

Our lawn services have years of experience dealing with lawn problems, so if you have one give us a call.

We can take care of your lawn weeds and remove them for good, plus provide preventative lawn weed control too!

Lawn fertilization is another great way we help clients maintain healthy yards- a great time to start is during our spring clean.

Our lawn techs use industry-leading equipment to treat lawn weeds organically using natural methods – better for the environment and your wallet! Other methods include spraying off unwanted plants with herbicides or physically removing them from whence they came.

In addition to weed control, we offer fertilization, aeration, mowing and trimming, basic power rake, spring clean-ups, fall clean-ups and edging.

We’re your one-stop lawn care shop for full-service property maintenance.


If you need assistance with Winnipeg lawn care please contact us today.

You can reach us at 204-999-9951

We’d love to hear from you; don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Residential and Commercial Properties

Our property maintenance services are available for both residential customers and commercial grounds – we have solutions perfect for everyone.

Our lawn service team can assess your lawn, and give you expert advice on the best lawn care solution. If you’re a homeowner with weeds or an established lawn in need of some aeration or spring cleanups, let us know!

We’ll make sure your lawn is healthy (and weed-free!) once again.

If you’re a business owner looking for commercial lawn care and property maintenance, call our company as soon as possible- we have special rates for business accounts! Locally Owned and Operated.

The Sodfather will make sure the grass around your property is well groomed; your customers will thank you! Contact Us Today! For professional, trustworthy services you have been waiting for.

Residential and commercial snow Removal Winnipeg

Our Clients Love Us

You’re probably wondering what Winnipeg customers think of our lawn care programs. Well, here’s what some happy property owners had to say:

-Mr. D.Francis (landscape installations)
“We recently had lawn weeds removed from both the front and back lawns. The technician did a great job; he was very fast! He also took time to explain how aeration works, as well as show us pictures of lawns that have been aerated in the past – this is why I chose The Sodfather for our property maintenance. I’m glad I did; very high-quality service.”

– Mr. A. Waller
“I love my lawn now! Prompt service, affordable prices, and extremely knowledgeable technicians… you don’t get any better than The Sodfather .”

– Mrs. R. Gold (Winnipeg lawn services)
” The Sodfather was able to take my lawn from brown and boring to green and gorgeous in no time at all! I couldn’t be happier with their services.”

– Mr. A. Grant
The Sodfather knows what they’re doing, that’s for sure! They’ve been taking care of our yard ever since we moved here – 3 years now, that’s how long it’s lasted!”

– Mrs. L. Fonseca (snow removal)
For a professional, trustworthy property maintenance company that we have been waiting for, call The Sodfather today!


Become another one of our satisfied customers today.

Phone: (204) 999-9951

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No brown lawn can stand against us! Call us now and to get the ball rolling.

And Yes, we do snow removal too!


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